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The overheating real estate market: Even the National Association of Realtors acknowledges that rising home prices without rising incomes is not a good thing. Deep analysis of Culver City home and surrounding properties.

A new model of real estate – Economic recovery driven not by residential real estate sector. Are lower real estate values helping the economic recovery?

Lies, Damned Lies, and Shadow Inventory. Shadow inventory may be improving on a nationwide scale but not for California – Notice of defaults rise approximately 70 percent in latest month of data. Beverly Hills shadow inventory nine times the size of MLS public foreclosures.

Bargain hunting in Beverly Hills and the 90210 zip code – A place for under $500,000 in the 90210? When the housing crash hits aspirational neighborhoods.

Real Homes of Genius – Santa Monica Westside Short Sale Action. How to go from $770,000 to $1,200,000 Million in 3 Years and Lose it All. The Short Sale Valentine Special with No Mortgage Payment for Nearly Two Years.

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