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Home ATM is open for business again: Home equity lines of credit up 21 percent from last year. Up 55 percent in the Los Angeles and Orange County metro areas.

Short sale dynamics – short sales recorded the highest number of transactions in three years during the first part of 2012. What data do we have on short sales with second mortgages?

Revisiting a friendly bubble in Culver City – A median home price of $680,000 and typical household income of $66,000. An example of a $300,000 pending price cut and the hidden impact of home equity loans.

Real Homes of Genius: Culver City duplex edition. $800,000 in loans on a 1,400 square foot duplex. Now selling for $590,000. Renting makes sense especially in mid-tier real estate markets.

California home equity hangover – $649 billion in HELOC loans nationwide with most in California. June 2005 92,000 HELOCs in California compared to only 22 in March of 2010. The evaporation of an industry and three examples of refinancing gone wrong in Culver City and Pasadena.

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