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1.8 Million California Mortgages Underwater. In 2008 100,000 Renters were added. 2010 California Housing Market Trends. How Banks Hoodwinked the Public into Believing the Bailouts were to help the Housing Market.

California Housing Market Forecasting Errors. Making Million Dollar Mistakes and Predicting the Future. 12 Percent of Mortgages with Balances Higher than 1 Million Dollars are now 90 days late.

Real Homes of Genius: Culver City Housing Bubble. Housing Shadow Inventory in Action. Countrywide Bank Owned home versus Duplex on Same Block. Foreclosure Holiday.

Federal Reserve Fighting Inflation in the 1970s and Restraining the Housing Market. Today the Federal Reserve is Juicing the Housing Market Trying to Cause Inflation. Researching the 1970s and 1980s Mortgage Markets and how 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates went from 7.25 Percent to 17.5 Percent in one Decade.

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