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A shifting of the real estate tides: Does negative equity matter? The case is being made for a Q1 bottom in housing inventory.

Reemerging from negative equity – Over 1.4 million American borrowers pull out of negative equity in 2012. Will this have an impact on nationwide inventory?

A theory on the bounce and slog housing market – Will rising home prices resurrect those negative equity home owners?

The lingering problems of negative equity – Over 10 million Americans are underwater with 1 million having loan-to-value ratios of 150 percent or higher.

The politics of the underwater homeowner – the impact of negative equity on the balance sheet of Americans. Top 5 markets to purchase foreclosures.

The future of the young American homebuyer. Average foreclosure timeline jumps from 253 days in 2007 to 674 days in 2011. Homeownership rates for younger Americans point to significant issues in household income, demographic changes, and attitude shifts in the desire to buy a home.

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