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Flippers’ Paradise: The massive jump in list prices for Culver City. Median list price up almost 100 percent from two years ago. Record low inventory. Distressed properties 3 times the amount of MLS listed homes.

Short sales and the process of flopping – Short sale fraud will cost lenders $375 million this year. Short sale fraud and asymmetrical information keeps deals away from public.

Housing market will get much worse before it gets better. How far are we from a normal housing market? 4.3 million distressed properties away from normalcy.

Real Homes of Genius – Agoura Hills and a $280,000 discount on a once million dollar home. The expensive foreclosures are now hitting the Southern California market.

Countrywide and Pay Option ARMs on trial – The most toxic mortgage ever invented by mankind is now under trial by the SEC with Countrywide.

The Shadow Inventory of Orange County California. Median Home Price Still Down 33 Percent from Peak for County, Short Sales Make up One-third of MLS Data, Shadow Inventory over Twice MLS Inventory. $2.2 Million Ladera Ranch Property Selling for Half off.

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