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Countrywide and Pay Option ARMs on trial – The most toxic mortgage ever invented by mankind is now under trial by the SEC with Countrywide.

The Shadow Inventory of Orange County California. Median Home Price Still Down 33 Percent from Peak for County, Short Sales Make up One-third of MLS Data, Shadow Inventory over Twice MLS Inventory. $2.2 Million Ladera Ranch Property Selling for Half off.

Unlocking the Foreclosure Box – The Most Comprehensive Shadow Inventory Housing Analysis for Los Angeles County. Examining 269 Zip Codes and Finding 100,000 Shadow Properties while Public Views 19,000.

1.8 Million California Mortgages Underwater. In 2008 100,000 Renters were added. 2010 California Housing Market Trends. How Banks Hoodwinked the Public into Believing the Bailouts were to help the Housing Market.

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