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Squandering Ourselves into Economic Prosperity: Lessons from the Great Depression: Part XXII. The Infection of Consumerism and Living Fake Lives.

Real Homes of Genius: Foreclosure in Manhattan Beach. Bear Market Sucker Rallies.

Condemning a Generation to Serfdom for Financial Irresponsibility: Home Mortgages, Loans on Cars, and Credit Card Debt.

Real Homes of Genius: The Downey Twins. Properties that Reinforce a Long and Drawn out Recession. Smallest Home Ever. 364 Square Feet.

What the TARP? Cutting Back to the Necessities: 3 Emerging Trends in this Economic Crisis. The Mighty are Falling, Consumers Forced to Save, and Job Protectionism.

10 Significant Signs why this will be the worst Recession since World War II.

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