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Laundering real estate – How dirty loans have made data on distressed inventory look better. 1 out of 5 US mortgages impaired. Jumbo loan market has completely evaporated.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Behind the big number of Canceled Foreclosure Auctions? $745 Billion Bailout to Erase Negative Equity for Every Underwater Homeowner. Fannie and Freddie Uncapped. Prelude to new Bailouts?

Option ARMs Come Back into Center Stage: 350,000 Active Option ARMs with over 200,000 in California. 78 Percent of Option ARMs have yet to hit Recast Dates.

California Sending out Approximately 475,000 Notice of Defaults for 2009 yet Overall Foreclosures Declining. Shadow Inventory, Q3 Defaults, Toxic Loans. The State of the National Housing Market.

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