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States where all-cash buying has gone wild for the new feudal lords: Florida witnessed 62 percent of all home sales going to all-cash buyers in December.

Failure to launch generation: Why household formation for younger Americans continues to lag while home prices soar. 46 percent of younger Americans living with older family members.

How much control does the Fed have on the housing market? The current state of housing and the Federal Reserve. Fed now owns roughly 12 percent of home mortgages.

The inefficient and fragile housing market: How trying to increase homeownership can backfire and add costs to regular home buyers.

Gains to the Real Estate Lords: Since 2009 Landlord income up a stunning 85 percent. Interest income has gone negative because of Fed monetary policy. Big money selling into momentum.

Forget about a lost decade, a lost generation has occurred when it comes to household incomes: QE forever and rising rents.

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