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Brazilian Style Living in Southern California – MLS Inventory Creeping up, Section 8 Vouchers for Granite Countertops, and California Budget Going Mayan in 2012.

Five Financial Trends Keeping California Home Prices Depressed – Rising MLS Inventory, Falling Rents, Lack of Good Paying Jobs, FHA Defaults Rising, and No Mortgage Payment.

The Second Correction – 6 SoCal Homes from 6 SoCal Counties Showing the Continued California Housing Correction.

Financing the Cassandra Effect – People Choose to Ignore Economic Facts Contrary to Their Benefit. MLS in Southern California Going Up? Distress Inventory 3 Times the MLS Data. Big Salaries of Mortgage Brokers Gone.

California Doing a Rendition of the Housing Industry on the Budget – $20 Billion Budget Deficit and Massive Amount of Distress Inventory. How Banks Raided the U.S. Treasury with the aid of the Federal Reserve and have Damaged Housing Further.

Real Homes of Genius – Aggressive Price Cutting in some Mid-tier California Housing Markets. La Mirada Home Selling for half-off 2006 Price. 13.2 Percent Los Angeles County Headline Unemployment rate.

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