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Real Homes of Genius – Culver City Home selling for $744,500 but Neighbor Home is Renting for $2,250. The Rent versus Buy Analysis and 40 Years of Mortgage Data.

Foreclosures, Auctions, and Banks Obscuring Financial Data. Southern California Shadow Housing Inventory Report – MLS Lists 64,000 Homes but Shadow Inventory over 160,000.

Foreclosures and Negative Equity – Why Financial Bailout Programs Fail in California. Income, Budget Problems, and Underwater Mortgages.

The Coming FHA Bailout – $360 Billion in loans insured in 2009. 30 percent of home purchases 20 percent of Refinances and 50 percent of new buyers go through FHA Loans.

The Shadow Inventory of Orange County California. Median Home Price Still Down 33 Percent from Peak for County, Short Sales Make up One-third of MLS Data, Shadow Inventory over Twice MLS Inventory. $2.2 Million Ladera Ranch Property Selling for Half off.

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