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Shadow Inventory Proof and Banks Delaying Losses for another Day. Banks Employing the Stick Your Head in the Sand Solution for the Financial Crisis.

Southern California Shadow Inventory: Born on October 2008. Foreclosures Still Exploding but MLS Down from 160,000 to 69,000 in Southern California Since September 2007. Renting the next Bailout?

Real Homes of Genius: Today we Salute you Temecula and Culver City. Lower End of Housing Seeing Bottom. Buyers Lining up for Middle to Upper Priced Housing Markets. 1 Percent Discount in Culver City for a 625 Square foot Home or 62 Percent Discount in Temecula for 2,200 Square foot Home?

California Budget Revisited: The Budget Cuts trickling into the Real Economy. Unemployment, Finance, Housing, Revenues, and Taxes. Game Show Employment and Realtors Say no to Paying Taxes Early.

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