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Alt-A Loans and Pesky Resistant Subprime Loans: The Lingering Mortgage Beast. $1.1 Trillion in Active Toxic Waste Mortgages. PennyMac Ready for Toxic Mortgages. What Happened to the Public-Private Investment Program?

Real Homes of Genius All-Star Edition: Today we Salute you Compton. Investigating 3 Blocks of Housing Bubble History and Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Lost.

977,000 Mortgages in California are Toxic Waste: The Misleading Headline Numbers and New Home Sales Increase because of a $13,000 Price cut.

Real Homes of Genius: Rancho Park and the zero down $775,000 2 Bedroom Home – Deconstructing the Westside of Los Angeles. The 310. Foreclosures moving up to Prime Markets. Notice of Defaults Second Highest Quarter on Record.

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