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California’s Financial Depression: Unemployment and Underemployment rate at Great Depression Levels. 23 Percent Unemployment for Biggest State in the Nation. California Will not see Housing Peak until 2030.

5 Reasons for Caution in the Stock Market and Housing Casino. Public Private Investment Program gives it a go. $64 Million Gives you Access to $1.3 Billion in Unpaid Principal.

Deflating our way to Prosperity: Five Major Sectors of our Economy Pointing to Demand Destruction Price Deflation. Education, Wages, Housing, Stocks, and Automobiles.

The Paradox of Spendthrifts – Government Offering 0 Percent on I Savings Bonds and Creating Incentives to Spend. Punishing the Prudent and Savers. $115 Trillion in total U.S. Debt.

California Financial Dreaming: 5 Exhibits Showing Why California will be in a recession until 2011: Revenue Projections, Housing Inventory, Unemployment, Toxic Mortgages, and Consumer Psychology.

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