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Real Overpriced Counties of America: Orange County named most overpriced county in the entire United States. Fitch Ratings and Trulia point to a bubble in the OC with prices overvalued by 30 percent.

Retracing the housing bubble in Orange County – Is real estate still in a bubble in Orange County? The $1 million median home price prediction of 2005. Costa Mesa lists 8 foreclosure on MLS while 313 homes are in the shadow inventory.

Real distressed properties of Corona del Mar – Most expensive zip code in Orange County lists 2 foreclosures on MLS but has 28 properties in the shadow inventory. How to lose a million dollars in Corona del Mar.

Shadow inventory grows in Southern California – Huntington Beach foreclosure with $1.4 million in loans and no payments made in a year. Auction scheduled for end of March in a mid-tier Southern California beach city.

The Orange Housing Bubble – Orange County still largely in a housing bubble. 5 charts looking at income, employment, and housing costs. A $100,000 county wide price drop and prices are still inflated.

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