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Real Homes of Genius: Pasadena Home Back to 1996 Price Levels? The Pasadena Housing Market Food Chain – 4 Homes from Low Price to High Price all in Distress. Foreclosures and Short Sales in Prime City. Almost 4 out of 10 Homes in California Underwater.

A Tale of Two California Housing Markets: The Financial Gambling Psychology and Exploring the Distress Housing Market. 10 Charts Examining the Volatile California Housing Market.

Real Homes of Genius: $258,900 for a Condo in Santa Monica? One Catch. It is 400 Square Feet. Attorney General Has Eyes Set on Option ARMs.

Real Homes of Genius: Culver City and the Housing Stockholm Syndrome. Approximately 5 Percent of Current Home Price is related to Government Bailouts.

Real Homes of Genius: An Economic Investigation of La Mirada. Median Sale Price, Incomes, Trends, Shadow Inventory, and the case for no Price Bounce. Mortgage Equity Withdrawal Home Value from $157,000 to $570,000.

Real Homes of Genius: 3 Westside Shadow Inventory Homes. Santa Monica, Culver City, and Rancho Park. Banks will not Hold Inventory Forever.

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