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Real City of Genius – Substitution effect – Culver City real estate inventory highest since 2008 as median square price declines. Selling bigger homes for less and condo sales dominate.

Real City of Genius – Culver City has a More Expensive Income to Home Ratio than Beverly Hills. Inflated Markets set to Adjust. $925,000 Home can be Rented for $4,500.

Real City of Genius: Today we Salute Pasadena. When losing $300,000 is Actually a Gain for Housing Values. Shadow Inventory Twice as big as Public Data.

Westside Los Angeles: The Ultimate Prime and Stagnant Real Estate Market. Comparing March and May 2009 Data. Gear up for the Foreclosure Storm. $17.5 Million Foreclosures happen when you let WaMu and BofA Play Together. Digging into the Housing Shade of Palms.

Real City of Genius: Case Study of the Middle Priced Los Angeles Housing Market. Pasadena in Focus. The Alt-A Mortgage Debacle Gearing Up.

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