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The echo bubble in Arizona – Home prices in Arizona surge over 30 percent over last year. Investor saturation and signs of market flooding.

A modern day feudal system for real estate – Wall Street and large real estate investors crowding out entry level buyers to hike up rents and outbidding buyers.

Welcome back California home flippers! Home flipping is back in fashion. 852 square foot home in hipster LA neighborhood bought for $211,000 in 2010 and flipped for more than double the price this year.

United States of Investment Properties – The role of property investors in the current housing market. Las Vegas reaches 6-year high on sales with nearly half of sales going to investors.

Culver City welcomes back home flippers – A 791 square foot purchase that brings back the HGTV days to life. How to double your money in 6 months.

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