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Fannie Mae and Wells Fargo Announce Creative Mortgage Solutions: A New Thing Called Renting. Option ARM Scenarios, Lease for Deed, and Delaying the Financial Future.

Alt-A Loans and Pesky Resistant Subprime Loans: The Lingering Mortgage Beast. $1.1 Trillion in Active Toxic Waste Mortgages. PennyMac Ready for Toxic Mortgages. What Happened to the Public-Private Investment Program?

The New Ownership Society: Federal Reserve Bank, U.S. Treasury, and the FDIC – FYI, We Already Own More Than you Think.

Unemployment Insurance, Taxes, Nasdaq Government Relief Index, Freddie Mac, and Currency Decoupling: 5 Observations of This Economic Collapse.

Foreclose the Dream: Record Breaking Foreclosures in 2008. California Foreclosures Rise Like a Phoenix now that Weak Foreclosure Legislation is Catching up.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Gear up to Bailout California: New Housing and Economic and Stabilization Act Mini for California Lenders. $450 Billion in Alt-A and Sub-prime Loans Still Active in State.

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