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The Muddle Years – Why the California economy is destined for years of slow growth and declining home values. 10 charts showing California still deep in recession and no state budget as we enter September.

California real estate foreclosure math – Notice of defaults decline while actual foreclosures increase. Why are notices of default falling while those falling behind on their mortgage are still at record levels? The 550,000+ California properties in distressed limbo.

The California Tax Break Window – Combining California Tax Credit with Federal Credit for $18,000 in Tax Credits. Southern California Housing Update. Giving $200 Million in Home Buyer Tax Credits While the State has a $20 Billion Budget Gap.

California Budget Revisited: The Budget Cuts trickling into the Real Economy. Unemployment, Finance, Housing, Revenues, and Taxes. Game Show Employment and Realtors Say no to Paying Taxes Early.

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