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What happened to the traditional home buyer? California has the highest percentage of young adults living at home with parents. Existing home sales collapse.

Real Homes of Genius: Today we Salute you Temecula and Culver City. Lower End of Housing Seeing Bottom. Buyers Lining up for Middle to Upper Priced Housing Markets. 1 Percent Discount in Culver City for a 625 Square foot Home or 62 Percent Discount in Temecula for 2,200 Square foot Home?

Marketing Consumerism in the Boom and Bust Economy: 4 Advertisements Showing the Shift in Consumer Buying Habits: Pizza, Airlines, Real Estate, Toxic Assets, and the Simpsons.

Leveraging the Future for a Short-Term Fix. FHA and GSE New Subprime Loan Breeding Ground: The Resurrection of Bad Ideas. Mortgage Markets Recreating Lax Lending Environment with Same Employees from the Previous Boom.

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