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The attack of the smallest homes in Los Angeles: Trying to ride the mania wave and getting rid of tiny homes that rival the size of a college dorm room.

The manic real estate pricing in Huntington Beach – When dropping prices by $2,950,000 and rising prices by $1,950,000 on the same home is a tactic to sell. The disconnect between household incomes and home values.

Squeezing the prudent middle class homeowner – how deadbeat debt borrowers and shady banks are siphoning the wallets of prudent Americans dry. Trying to get a million dollar home for free in Simi Valley.

Real Homes of Genius: It Takes a Pink Home to Lose 80 Percent in Value. 3 Sample Compton Homes Showing the Magnitude of the Housing Bubble and Subprime Mess. Going back to 1990 Prices.

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