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Chasing the market lower syndrome or how to lose $176,000 in seven months – Case Shiller hits a new post-bubble bottom – Finding the bottom in home prices in California. Woodland Hills has 483 properties in the shadow inventory while 200 non-distressed properties are for sale.

Reinventing Japan’s economic lost decades in the United States: Seven charts tracking the parallels between the lost decades in Japan and our approach to a first lost decade. Young adults moving back at home reflecting societal changes experienced in Japan.

Canceling out a generation of future home buyers because of massive student debt – In 1980 a median priced home in California would purchase 330 years of a UC education. Today it is down to roughly 20 and student loan debt is creating a new class of indentured citizens.

The oxymoron of Southern California real estate – Two of the most affordable counties in the state are here in Southern California? Acknowledging that household income is the most important driver in stable housing markets. Two lost decades in home prices.

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