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The rise of the investor and affordable home buyer class – Southern California has hit a lost decade when it comes to nominal home prices. Median home price of Southern California back to 2002 levels. Record number of absentee investors purchasing homes.

The other CA bubble – Canadian housing bubble ripe for popping. Vancouver real estate increased by 142 percent from 2002 to 2011. Average detached home in Vancouver costs roughly $1 million while the median household makes $67,000 per year.

University of debt and home buying – recent college graduates and the growing inflation in college tuition. Many recent graduates unemployed or working in jobs that require no college degree. University of California tuition tripled in last decade while California incomes went stagnant.

A tour of 3 million-dollar foreclosures in Southern California – Calabasas, Bel-Air, and Brentwood. A $2.2 million dollar rental? Brentwood lists 1 home as a foreclosure on the MLS but has 90 homes in the shadow inventory.

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