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The Secret of Your Neighbor’s Housing Value. Drilling into Two Blocks in Burbank Highlights the California Housing Bubble History and Future – 15 Homes Including Sales Activity and Median Prices.

Real Homes of Genius – Santa Monica Westside Short Sale Action. How to go from $770,000 to $1,200,000 Million in 3 Years and Lose it All. The Short Sale Valentine Special with No Mortgage Payment for Nearly Two Years.

The California Financial Gambler’s Fallacy – 5 Reasons Why the Budget and the Economy will Keep Home Prices Stagnant. Banks Paying Property Taxes on Shadow Inventory.

Where the Housing Bubble Still Lives – 263 Zip Code Analysis for Los Angeles County. 28 Percent Increase in L.A. CPI from 2001 to 2009 but County Home Prices still up by 70 Percent.

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