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The Shadow Inventory of Orange County California. Median Home Price Still Down 33 Percent from Peak for County, Short Sales Make up One-third of MLS Data, Shadow Inventory over Twice MLS Inventory. $2.2 Million Ladera Ranch Property Selling for Half off.

California Housing Forecast for 2010: 5 Reasons why you Shouldn’t Buy a Home in California in 2010. 22 Percent unemployment and underemployment, home owned’ership, California Budget, Option ARMs, and Consumer Psychology.

Real Homes of Genius: A Foreclosure Process Lasting over Two Years in Pasadena. What is the Estimated Value of Shadow Inventory in Pasadena?

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Behind the big number of Canceled Foreclosure Auctions? $745 Billion Bailout to Erase Negative Equity for Every Underwater Homeowner. Fannie and Freddie Uncapped. Prelude to new Bailouts?

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