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Real Homes of Genius: The South Bay of Los Angeles. Today we Salute Redondo Beach. 668 Square Feet 1 Bedroom Home for $539,000. California Unemployment now at 11.9 Percent Officially with U-6 at 22 Percent.

Alt-A, Option ARM, and Subprime Loans will Turn California into a Zombie Mortgage State. 28 Percent of Alt-A loans in California 60 Days Late. Alt-A Mortgages by California Region. 1.1 Million Alt-A and Subprime Mortgages Still Active.

California Housing Bottom Callers and the Foreclosure Clones of 2008: Notice of Default Wave Part Two Gearing up for Q4 of 2009 and 2010. U-6 Unemployment and Underemployment Rate for California now at 21 Percent.

The Treacherous Path for Housing – 42 Percent of California Mortgages with Negative Equity: $1 Trillion in Mortgages Submerged Underwater in California. $3 Trillion in U.S. Mortgages Underwater and Risking Foreclosure.

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