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Foreclosure Reality Check: 1.6 Million Foreclosure Filings with 5 Months of Data. California Notice of Defaults and Foreclosures Skyrocketing.

Financing the Flipping Dream: Alt-A Mortgages and California Mortgage Equity Giants: Number one Alt-A Owner Occupied State is California. Say What? Alt-A and Pay Option ARMs Fueled out of State Buying.

California Budget Recalled: The $24.3 Billion Budget Deficit. Missed Economic Projections and Financially Betting on a Recovery that Never Showed Up. 20 Years of Bubbles. From Tech to Real Estate.

Loan Modifications Another Taxpayer Bailout to the Housing Industry: Mortgage Modification Default Rates over 50 Percent. Over 4 Percent of Subprime Loans First Payment Defaults.

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