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Leveraging the Future for a Short-Term Fix. FHA and GSE New Subprime Loan Breeding Ground: The Resurrection of Bad Ideas. Mortgage Markets Recreating Lax Lending Environment with Same Employees from the Previous Boom.

Allen Stanford, Second Half Financial Recovery, and Decoupling: Delusional Economic Beliefs now Shattered.

The Rise of Part Time Employment: Behind Door #1 is Japan. Behind Door #2 is the 1930s: 10 Charts Examining the Past, Present, and Future: Is our Economy Going to face a Japan Lost Decade or Great Depression 2?

Saving Money is for Economic Girlie Men: 5 Reasons Why The United States Government Wants you to Remain a Broke Debt Hamster.

Real Homes of Genius: Today we Salute you Santa Monica. Examining 5 Adjacent Homes for Peak Prices and Foreclosures.

Three Emerging Trends of a Depressed Economy: Pundits Screaming for Economic Socialism, People Going Back to College, and 99 Cent Stores Taste Inflation.

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