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California shacking – three trends crushing the California housing market. Young workers moving back home, household incomes back to 1990s levels, and lack of an entry level market.

If you build it, they won’t come – Why are new home sales not getting the summer bounce with 30 year mortgage rates at historical lows? Prop 13 and the housing lottery in California.

The internalization of toxic loans and the growing cracks in the shadow banking economy – Half of 7 million California home owners are baby boomers. Who will they sell to in the future?

The impending slow motion doom for housing – can the United States thrive with another decade long decline in home values?

The booming collapse of housing – why housing will be a bad investment for the current decade. 5 charts exploring the demographic and financial perfect storm with U.S. real estate.

3 economics trends stifling wages and pushing home prices lower: 1,000,000 people apply for 60,000 McDonald’s jobs, the college tuition bubble, and long-term shadow inventory.

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