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Bargain hunting in Beverly Hills and the 90210 zip code – A place for under $500,000 in the 90210? When the housing crash hits aspirational neighborhoods.

Real Homes of Genius: Calabasas million dollar foreclosure and multiple foreclosures on La Mirada block with shadow inventory. Home sellers competing with invisible sellers. $500,000 and $2 million home purchases with 100 percent financing deals.

Where the Housing Bubble Still Lives – 263 Zip Code Analysis for Los Angeles County. 28 Percent Increase in L.A. CPI from 2001 to 2009 but County Home Prices still up by 70 Percent.

California Housing Market Forecasting Errors. Making Million Dollar Mistakes and Predicting the Future. 12 Percent of Mortgages with Balances Higher than 1 Million Dollars are now 90 days late.

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