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Financing the Cassandra Effect – People Choose to Ignore Economic Facts Contrary to Their Benefit. MLS in Southern California Going Up? Distress Inventory 3 Times the MLS Data. Big Salaries of Mortgage Brokers Gone.

Treasury Officials Concerned over Option ARM Recasts and Jumbo Loans Issues – Recalibrating the Housing Numbers while 5.6 Million Mortgages are Delinquent. California One Two Housing Punch. 60 Percent of Option ARMs and 45 Percent of Jumbo Loans in California.

Banking Solution to Financial Crisis is to Ignore Distress Inventory – California had 1,200 Foreclosure Filings Per Day in 2009 – The California Real Estate Foreclosure Machine. Countrywide Financial, WaMu, and Wells Fargo top Foreclosure List in Q4 of 2009.

Foreclosures, Auctions, and Banks Obscuring Financial Data. Southern California Shadow Housing Inventory Report – MLS Lists 64,000 Homes but Shadow Inventory over 160,000.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Behind the big number of Canceled Foreclosure Auctions? $745 Billion Bailout to Erase Negative Equity for Every Underwater Homeowner. Fannie and Freddie Uncapped. Prelude to new Bailouts?

The Financial Psychology of Moral Hazard and Strategic Defaults: How to Destroy the Economic Fabric of Society by Providing Benefits for Financially Irresponsible Bets on Housing.

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