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Shadow Inventory Revisited: Silent Alt-A Mortgages, Southern California REO, and the Great Public Swindle.

Spawning a Mortgage Disaster: The Birth of the Adjustable Rate Mortgage in 1982. California Confidential. A Budget Mess and Massive Cuts. S&P 500 Stock Market Speedway.

Mortgage Fraud Report – Burn after Modifying: FBI Finds Rampant and Deep Fraud in Real Estate Industry. Guess What State Ranks #1? IOU All-Star California.

The New Financial Overlords: The Debt Class and those that provide the Debt in Serfdom. Understanding the new Structure of the American Financial Landscape.

More Bad News about the Public-Private Investment Program: Because Stealing 93 Percent of Taxpayer Money is OK. Fraudulent Minds already gearing up to Scam the System.

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