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Case study in controlled inventory for Pasadena real estate – The legacy of poorly designed mortgage lending and creating a surreal real estate market in selective cities.

The wonderful world of command control US housing – 6 charts highlighting future trends in the housing system. Silent crashing markets, command style housing controls, and Fed top sponsor of maximum leverage.

The condo mania of Irvine – Beware of Mello-Roos and massive HOA fees in Irvine. Does an $840 monthly HOA due seem high for a 2 bedroom condo?

Beverly Hills short sale – A lost decade condo story. Median price for condo sales in 90210 for may above $7 million?

The contradictory nature of our housing market – Investors skew down payment statistics. Four years of home sales in SoCal dominated by distressed properties. The over reliance on real estate for wealth.

The lingering legacy of the shadow inventory – homeownership rate will bottom in 2014. Goldman Sachs predicts homeownership bottom.

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