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Leading indicators in prime Southern California cities show real estate weakness ahead in 2011. Condo market collapses in prime markets. Culver City condo flood and those still asking for nearly half a million for an 800 square foot home.

Laundering real estate – How dirty loans have made data on distressed inventory look better. 1 out of 5 US mortgages impaired. Jumbo loan market has completely evaporated.

Real Homes of Genius – The search for the biggest California foreclosures. Missing the housing peak in Beverly Hills. From $9.8 million to $7.25 million and counting. From $2.4 million to $1.3 million.

The four corners of the non-California economic recovery – Underemployment at 23 percent, affordability signifies bubble in prices, $25 billion budget deficit, no market is healthy when active foreclosures out number MLS non-distress inventory.

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