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Financial and psychological double dip for real estate – How new economic news will feed into lower home prices as incomes remain stagnant. Only 11 percent of recent loan volume in the first quarter dealt with purchases.

When the housing bubble pops again. California and the 1,700,000 homes with negative equity – 50 percent of Florida homes in negative equity yet bubble markets persist across the country.

Pasadena $2.4 million short sale and the Dual Income, No Kids growth from 2000. Have younger professionals shifted housing priorities because of the economy and inflated home prices?

Prime Pasadena zip code has a home selling for 41 percent off peak price – When flips go wrong. Los Angeles Case-Shiller negative year over year again.

Beverly Hills short sale selling for $2.15 million and below the $3.3 million in loans. Beverly Hills has 3 foreclosures listed on the MLS but 107 are currently active.

The financial psychology of negative equity – 1,880,000 California mortgage holders have no equity in their homes. California home prices will fall 15 to 25 percent in the coming years. 1 out of 3 California mortgage holders at risk of walking away or defaulting.

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