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Bank of America and their global banking profits – California negative equity will push many into foreclosure, examination of inflated California zip codes, banks more willing to push shadow inventory into the open.

Why low interest rates do not help the housing market and heavily benefit investment banks – 40 percent of Americans have mortgage rates higher than 6 percent. The SoCal housing market will enter a significant correction in 2011 based on seasonal sales and price changes.

American housing too expensive and the multi-income trap will not save the housing market. Banks have laundered their bad bets through the Federal Reserve and GSEs while working and middle class income has eroded.

Housing market will get much worse before it gets better. How far are we from a normal housing market? 4.3 million distressed properties away from normalcy.

Squeezing the prudent middle class homeowner – how deadbeat debt borrowers and shady banks are siphoning the wallets of prudent Americans dry. Trying to get a million dollar home for free in Simi Valley.

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