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Till debt do us part – financial collapse foreshadows second collapse in housing. Million dollar troubles in Beverly Hills. 2 million tax filers disappear in latest tax data.

The booming collapse of housing – why housing will be a bad investment for the current decade. 5 charts exploring the demographic and financial perfect storm with U.S. real estate.

How many McDonald’s jobs does it take to purchase a California home? 10 to 25 percent price decline over the next five years will prove to be optimistic. Can Americans stomach a second housing crash?

The housing crash sequel in California – Foreclosure sales made up 45 percent of sales in Q1 of 2011 with an average discount of 33 percent. 431,000 jobless Californians have exhausted unemployment insurance.

The Bread and Circus economy: Lessons from the Great Depression Part 33. The McDonald’s and paper-mill education economy funded by a too big to fail bank.

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