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I dream of California cognitive dissonance – Many Californians expect high level of services without paying the cost. The typical mortgage payment for those that bought last month was $964?

Empire in the California Sun – Home prices in California rose 109 percent from 2001 to 2006 and have fallen 37 percent since then reaching post bubble lows. California following Tokyo housing correction trend. 50 year trend between fixed mortgage rates and new home sales broken.

California home prices 50 percent off March 2007 peak – Why California home prices will be impacted by multi-year state budget deficits, higher interest rates, and a backlog of distressed properties.

The financial abyss otherwise known as the California budget – 6 charts showing a challenging year for California housing and economy. Rental vacancy rate adding pressure to buying a home, per capita income down, and lost decade in homeownership.

The four corners of the non-California economic recovery – Underemployment at 23 percent, affordability signifies bubble in prices, $25 billion budget deficit, no market is healthy when active foreclosures out number MLS non-distress inventory.

California budget means lean times for the state – 5 reasons why the California economy will lag for years to come. High paying jobs gone, shadow inventory, state taxes, and re-writing history.

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