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Stock Market Dissonance: Why the Stock Market no Longer Reflects Main Street Economics. The Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The Schism Between Wall Street and Main Street: Green Shoots for the Banking Oligarchy and Crap Shoots for Others.

The New Financial Overlords: The Debt Class and those that provide the Debt in Serfdom. Understanding the new Structure of the American Financial Landscape.

Wave Goodbye to the Bankrupt Joneses: Deconstructing the American Dream. The Shifting Financial and Societal Goals of a Country Mired in Debt.

Public-Private Investment Program for Dummies: How does the new Treasury Plan Impact Housing and the Market? Poorly Planned Investment Program (PPIP).

4 Economic Trends and Stories Impacting the way you Live: Retail Sales up Because of easing in Credit Standards, Millionaires no More, Bankrupting on Foreclosures, and Bear Market Rallies come out of Hibernation.

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