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Exporting the U.S. housing bubble – Japan and China real estate bubbles provide a fascinating example of what occurs with currency intervention and quantitative easing. If Ireland implodes with a similar U.S. housing market what does that mean domestically?

American housing too expensive and the multi-income trap will not save the housing market. Banks have laundered their bad bets through the Federal Reserve and GSEs while working and middle class income has eroded.

The $9.1 trillion bailout price tag – American households have lost $6.8 trillion in residential real estate values while mortgage debt has increased. The banking Stockholm Syndrome.

Countrywide and Pay Option ARMs on trial – The most toxic mortgage ever invented by mankind is now under trial by the SEC with Countrywide.

There will be no U.S. economic recovery in the second half of 2010 – 13 charts showing weak housing trends, option ARM data, dramatic employment changes, and mortgage equity withdrawals.

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